Quilted Pot Holder

Finished quilted pot holder

Created for Ochre and Ocre by Ali Burdon from Very Berry Handmade

Finished quilted pot holder

Combine lovely Ochre and Ocre fabrics with clever insulated interfacing to make this pretty and practical pot holder.

Project Notes
You will need to use insulating interfacing plus another layer of wadding to make this pot holder heat resistant – but remember it is heat resistant NOT heat proof so always take care with your precious hands and counter tops!
You will need two coordinating fabrics from the Ochre & Ocre Organic Cotton range – I used Malvern in Lapis, ochre and grey for the front and for the pocket lining (Fabric A) and Ledbury in ochre and grey, for the back and for the pocket outer (Fabric B).
You will also need some medium loft fusible fleece (I used Vilene H640), some medium weight iron-on interfacing (I used Vilene G700) and some insulated interfacing – I used Insul-Bright, which is widely available in the UK.
The seam allowance is 1cm, unless otherwise noted.

Step 1
Cut 1 piece of Fabric A measuring 27cm x 23cm for the front of the pot holder, and 1 piece measuring 22cm x 23cm for the pocket lining.
Cut 1 piece of Fabric B measuring 27cm x 23cm for the back of the pot holder, 1 piece for measuring 19cm x 23cm for the pocket front and 1 piece measuring 18cm x 6cm for the hanging loop.
Cut 1 piece of fusible fleece and 1 piece of insulating interfacing, both measuring 27cm x 23cm
Cut 1 piece of medium iron-on interfacing measuring 19cm x 23cm. (pic 1)

Quilted pot holder

Step 2
Iron the medium weight interfacing onto the smaller pocket piece.
Iron the fusible piece onto the back of the pot holder (large piece of Fabric B).

Step 3
Use a fabric marking pen (check first to make sure that it doesn’t leave permanent marks on a scrap piece of fabric) to mark quilting lines on the front section of the pot holder (large piece of Fabric A) – I marked a 5cm diagonal grid. Pin the insulating interfacing to the piece of fabric A, with the shinier side against the fabric and quilt the 2 fabrics together along the marked lines. Start at the centre of the fabrics and work outwards. (pic 2)

Pic 2

Step 4
Fold the 18cm by 6cm piece of Fabric B in half lengthways, unfold, then fold edges into the middle. Fold in half down the middle again and then stitch down both edges to form the hanging loop. (pic 3)

Pic 3

Step 5
Take the 2 pocket pieces and put them right sides together, aligned at the top edge, pin and then stitch together with a 1.5cm seam. (pic 4)

Pic 4

The lining fabric will be longer at the bottom edge. Fold the larger piece of fabric up, and then down along the marked line. (pic 5)

Pic 5

You are actually edging and lining the pocket at the same time. Press thoroughly then top stitch a couple of mm

away from the seam. (pic 6)

Pic 6


Step 6
Use a cup, glass or something with a curved edge to use as a guide to trim curved corner pieces on the pot holder front, the back section and the bottom of the pocket section. (pic 7, pic 8)

Pic 7 Pic 8

Step 7
Align the bottom edge of the pocket section with the back section of the pot holder and zigzag round the edge to hold in place. Fold the hanging loop in half and pin in one of the top corners of the pot holder, with the loop facing inwards. (pic 9)

Pic 9

Step 8
Pin the back and front sections together, right sides together and then stitch all round, leaving a turning gap of about 10cm on one of the long sides (avoid the top edge of the pocket in your gap placement). (pic 10)

Pic 10

Step 9
Trim some of the bulk of the interfacings away from the seam allowance and cut small notches in the corners of the pot holder (pic 11).

Pic 11

Then turn right side out and press thoroughly, pressing the edges of the turning gap under so that they line up with the stitched part of the seam. You can glue this closed with a glue stick, or pin it, and then stitch all round on the right side of the pot holder, about 2mm from the edge, to finish off and to secure the turning gap quickly and easily.
(pic 12, pic 13)
Pic 12Pic 13

The finished pot holder!

Finished 3 Finished 2

A huge thank you to the talented Ali for creating this months Crafty Make.

Why not pop over to her blog to see what else she has been up to; Very Berry Handmade


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  1. tesshes says :

    Good to hear we have inspired you Jacki – I hope you track down your interlining. Tess x

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