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Bodega Lemon infused Olive icecream

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When Tess from Ochre and Ocre suggested we at HTK HQ write recipes for Bodega Olives, my first thought was of muted horror and I silently squealed ‘noooooooo, not olives’!!! In the world of food writing though, it’s a definite “yes and an absolutely, can do!” So my ride on the train to olive school had already begun.

There was no doubt it would be a rocky ride. I am lazy olive eater! You know the kind of lazy olive eater? No, then let me introduce to my style of olive eating. Generally they’ll be found at the bottom of a martini glass. Yes, an olive drowning in vodka! Perfect. As ‘dirty’ as it comes. Oh dear. In my defense it is certainly not a bad way to eat an olive.

I am not wholly averse to stuffing an olive or two in my mouth when sitting at the bar. So when I say lazy I mean falling over lazy. I have never really wanted to get to know them. If they are put in front of me, like most food it will end up being consumed with gusto. That said it has never really entered my head to write them into my recipes. I don’t cook with them. Maybe I need some kind of olive therapy?

It could be that I am very milk bottle white, severely lacking in sun and vitamins, your usual Brit in this instance, so I have begun to envy the little olive, all that sun! Just wafting around in the summer breeze and watching the world go by with no stress. I must digress; I could do with gently rocking back and forth with my mates, soaking up the sun. I can imagine my glorious ending. I choose pizza! What a way to go.

It would have been so easy to hand this article over to my partner in crime, Jane. She is a slave to the olive! Wholly consumed by adding them to everything. I can hear the marketer’s at Bodega letting me go me already! Wait! Don’t be hasty. Surely it makes sense for some one like me to start at the bottom?

You have to hand it to Bodega they know their stuff! The website is brilliantly informative. You can feel the love. They have made it incredibly easy to understand the olive and with quirky titles like ‘lively’ and ‘vibrant’ they give the olives a personality. I already know which one I want to be. I am the mild olive, taking it real easy zzzzzz.

I love the byline “olives are not just green and black’! Really, I am intrigued. Tell me more.

First let me tell you how I went off olives. I remember being sat at a lavish bar in Dubai not so long ago and experiencing a vile, briny and bitter imposter from the other olive planet! So it’s time to put this harrowing experience to bed, so to speak. I am happily ready to move forward and trust the Bodega olive.

I spent sometime on Bodega’s website. Which is enough to convert you to those little nuggets of sunshine. Ordered my samples and the fun began.

There’s a pecking order at Bodega Olives you know. Their antipasti appreciation goes from mild to fiery, from Italy to Greece. It’s a veritable Mediterranean journey of flavour combinations. Even though I am in Olive nursery I can easily understand the olive lingo. Locally sourced and authentic, the website draws you in and suddenly you are booking a season ticket to the olive appreciation society.

I am a beginner please don’t forget. So I started at mild on the Olive-o-meter! I choose the mild Nocellara olives dripping in lemon infused oil! Yum. Now you have me! This humble olive hails from Sicilian volcanic soil. Commonly known as a ‘table olive’, Bodega has given it a coat of summer shimmering gold. I have to tell you it will definitely enhance my martini, not shaken not stirred, just drank. Just saying!

Suddenly my pen is gliding along the paper. I am soon in the kitchen cooking up a storm and olives are finally in my life and they are here to stay! The beginning of a very fulfilling affair I think. Oops, I didn’t mention the health benefits! I will leave that to Bodega. For you my friends I offer you five recipes featuring Bodega olives! (See below) I hope you will be inspired to join the club! I’ll soon be upgraded to olive connoisseur I am sure! Enjoy and olive on!

Donna Holland


Humble Tart Kitchen


Click on each title to get the low down on how to make each of these delicious recipes.

Bodega Sicilian Lemon olive prawn papardelle

Bodega Olive Prawn pappardelle

It’s all about the olives! Bodega olives! Their Nocellara lemon infused olives are perfect for this Signature Humble Tart kitchen Dish!

Bodega olive lemon ricotta Sicilian nocellara del belice

Bodega Olive Lemon Rissotto

One to make the taste buds sing! Imagine the tang of the lemon, saltiness of the prosciutto, bite of the Arborio, cut of the olive and calming balance of the cheese? Pour the wine whilst I cook something rather special for you!

Garlic and Rosemary dressed Focaccia with Bodega lemon infused olive

Bodega Lemon infused olive Foccacia bread with garlic and rosemary


What could be better than a bowl of pasta? The bread to mop up the sauce we shout! The Bodega lemon infused olive dances well with the fabulously garlic and rosemary dressed focaccia! This bread equally stands smartly on it’s own just add a glass of the red stuff for dreams of the sea and sun!

Bodega Lemon infused Olive icecream

Bodega Lemon infused Olive icecream

Not often you will hear….”I will have a scoop of that delicious olive ice cream”……In the age of savoury meets sweet it’s another challenge and a half. Bizarrely though it’s not really the olive you are thinking about but the liquid it sits in. This can often mask the real taste of the olive which isn’t bitter or tart. So it was with trepidation that I set about making my first olive based ice cream.

Bodega Olive Sloe Gin Martini

Bodega Olive Sloe gin martini


I am aware that Olive Gin is busy being branded somewhere on Foodie planet. So, this time the Olive just gets a classic dunking! I am rather partial to drowning the odd olive in a vodka martini, who isn’t? However, not wanting to get caught up in a recipe war, I am steering clear of the reinvention, and I have opted to let my lemon infused olive swim in a fruiter pool! The lemon infused Bodega olive is a fab partner in crime to the sloe gin! Never a better reason I feel than to go hunting for sloe’s (not sloths….I am sure that is Illegal). Here is our recipe for Sloe gin and just to make it perfect we give you the Bodega Olive Sloe Gin Martini, filthy dirty! Enjoy!


You can also view all the recipes in their full glory on the Humble Tart Kitchen website.



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