Inn at Welland Malteser Parfait

Something for those of you with a sweet tooth today, a very tasty Maltester Parfait.

Malteser Parfait- serves 8

Ochre and Ocre Malteser Parfait

Malteser Parfait from the Inn at Welland


10 egg yolks

150g Horlicks

3 x packets of Maltesers (200g)

45g sugar

600ml double cream


  • Mix eggs and sugar in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Fill a pan with hot water; bring to a boil. Place the egg mixture over the pot of boiling water, lightly whip, using a wire whisk
  • Sieve the Horlicks powder and fold through the sabayon mix
  • Lightly whip the cream and fold into the mix
  • Roughly break the Maltesers and fold through the mixture
  • Pipe mixture into moulds and leave in a freezer to set


Serve with homemade chocolate sauce and tuile biscuit

Thank you to the Inn at Welland for this recipe.



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