Easter Egg cosies

egg cosies, organic fabric

These handmade egg cosies are perfect for keeping boiled eggs warm on a Sunday morning!
Mix and match our Ochre and Ocre designs and colours to make a perfect Easter gift.
Egg cosy template – drop us an email to get hold of yours
Small pieces of Ochre and Ocre Organic Cotton fabric
Fusible Interlining
Small pieces of narrow ribbon, Jane Means has a great range of colours
Sewing thread


1. Trace and transfer the egg cosy template to your chosen fabrics and cut out to make front, back and linings. Cut a contrasting panel for the front and back. Machine stitch the contrasting panel and ribbon trim to the egg cosy front and back.
2. Place the front and back, right sides up, onto the glue side of the fusible interlining and cut out. Place a clean cloth over and press to attach the interlining.
3. Pin the cosy front and back together, right sides facing. Insert and pin a loop of ribbon between the top seams, facing inwards.
4. Machine stitch together, using a 1cm (3∕8in) seam allowance. Trim the seams and turn through the cosy to the right side. Pin the lining front and back together and machine stitch around the sides using a 1cm (3∕8in) seam allowance. Trim seams. Leave the lining inside out.
5. Pull the lining over the cosy, then pin the lower edges together, matching raw edges. Machine stitch around the lower edge, leaving a gap to turn the cosy through. Turn through, then slip stitch the opening closed, using small, neat stitches.

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