Easter make

Organic Cotton covered storage box

This is one of our Get Crafty projects that we feature each month in our Ochre and Ocre newsletter. (You can sign up for it on our website homepage)

It is really quick and simple.

Give a more personal touch to your Easter gift this year by creating a beautiful gift box for your eggs, that can be used for storage afterwards.

You will need:
Some old children’s shoe boxes, or you can buy blank boxes from craft suppliers
Organic Cotton
Annie Sloan paint
PVA Glue
Paint your box all over, inside and out, this helps to strengthen it as well as providing a better base for the fabric to be stuck to.
Once dry create your fabric template by drawing around each of the outside box sides and lid onto newspaper.
Lay your newspaper template onto the fabric and pin it down. Cut out your fabric.
Paint PVA glue onto one box side, then carefully lay the corresponding piece of fabric onto that side. Repeat until all 4 sides are done, then do the same on the lid.
Allow the fabric to try overnight. Then paint a thin layer of PVA on top of all of the fabric to provide a protective coating.

Mix and match different fabrics and designs to build an eclectic set of storage boxes.

Organic Cotton covered storage box

Fabric covered shoe box

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